de Jérome Rothenberg sur Poems and poetics Be me who Blesses.                                           Suffer.  Destroy.        Be certain. Merge a particular picture Blossom.  & open This surface to clouds. Be orators. Ce poème, Jerome Rothenberg le quote dans son article où il reprend une partie laissée de coté dans les nouvelles versions de « Shaking the pumpkin » ceLire la suite « oracle »

The Book, Spiritual Instrument

« Prefaced by Mallarme’s famous dictum that ‘everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book,’ this spirited collection demonstrates the reverse as well: everything in the book exists in order to end up in the world. . . In a series of exemplary essays on, and demonstrations of, what might beLire la suite « The Book, Spiritual Instrument »

stirring the ashes, J Rothenberg

STIRRING THE ASHES sun bear moon buffalo THE BEAR ROBE had no claws MIDWINTER VISION paddles & ashes EVENTS fire a riffle * touch the sun THE BEAR his paw up to the sun BEAR DANCE snort snort berries THE PUMPKIN has a lake into it THE BEADS seen in my eyes- with many colorsLire la suite « stirring the ashes, J Rothenberg »