blast walls and all that does not remind of a camp

But for now, I walked into the slightly mournful light towards Jack’s house, avoiding looking in the place where my house had been. There’s nothing there, mate, Sheridan said, nothing but the chimneyin the middle of a lawn. I can’t go there. Jack’s rebuilt house, being constructed in true de Selby fashion, still had noLire la suite « blast walls and all that does not remind of a camp »

Bianca Chang

Blanc   dans les plis       veine quand s’amorce l’espace     suspend dans la lumière   looms high         à lire : l’article consacré à Bianca Chang Sydney based designer and paper artist Bianca Chang creates beautiful, intricate and mind-boggling paper sculptures which I recently noticed popping up all overLire la suite « Bianca Chang »